Viccsun is one of the top UX/UI design firms in India, with more than 7 years of experience creating highly usable and intuitive B2B solutions. Driven by our passion for compelling and usable designs, we specialize in UX and UI design for desktop and mobile applications and apps.

At Viccsun, we work hard to create beautiful, functional B2B applications while improving their usability. We are a UI/UX design company that believes everything that affects an end user is part of the design process. We dig deep to find solutions that work for our clients’ specific situations, and we do that by creating user interfaces that are clean, intuitive, expandable and friendly.


  • Our goal is to hear from a client.
  • We provide a full range of services.
  • We are happy people because it takes a favorite and useful thing.
  • We are not trying to reduce the price to the detriment of the result (quality of service - is our first priority).
  • We monitor all websites developed by us and therefore know exactly how to make that site was not only beautiful but also effective.

Viccsun executes projects both offsite and onsite primarily focusing on the following areas:

  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Front-End Development